Ajuntament de la vila de Planes, Pl. Dalt vila,1 03828 Planes

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Festivity of Saint Blaise.Held in February or March. The feast of St. Blaise, patron of Planes, is celebrated with a lunch in the square Bisbe Rafael Sanus.

l'Eixabegó o Festa de la Farina.Popular festival which is celebrated 40 days before Easter, to coincide with Carnival, the Fifth is responsible for masking with flour to the people who go down the street to demand this holiday.


Easter week.Emphasizes the "Salpassa", the priest's visit to each of the houses in the municipality, to bless a jug of water and a handful of salt, apart from taking two or three eggs which will then be used by the bakers of the town to develop Easter cakes. Also worth special mention to the shrine rises on the way of the Cross, zig zag, which falls on Friday, ending with lunch at the recreation area of the shrine.

Half year festive..The first weekend of April is the half-year festive, the sides of "moros y cristianos" to make inputs and ending with orchestra.


July-August.Cultural summer in which, among other activities, there are performances by the Unió Musical de Planes, dance group "La Baronia" theater group "El Galliner", a group of flute "Burbaca". Also performed: film shows, musical performances, exhibitions, sporting events, popular dinner ...

Margarida.The feast in honor of its patron saint, the Virgin of Pillar, celebrated on the third Sunday in August.

Benialfaquí.The Festivities in honor of Our Lady of the Forsaken, are held the last weekend of August.


Catamarruch. Feast in honor of the Virgin of Health, the last weekend in September.

Planes. Festivities in honor of San Roque, the Virgin of the Rosary and the Blessed Christ of Planes the first weekend of October. It also welcomes input "Moros y Cristianos" on Saturday.

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